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June 3, 2019

MDI Health

MDI provides advanced data-driven technology for personalized drug therapy and monitoring to optimize healthcare organizations’ treatment quality and costs. The MDI decision support system enables clinicians to quickly identify and minimize risk, enhances their decision-making process and ensures optimal medical care over time.

  • Design

    UI/UX Design

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    MDI Health

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    Lian Goldstein

Open Project

The Challenge

Physicians and clinical pharmacists face major problems in their daily routine treatment with the patient. They have enormous data information about the patient that they couldn’t gather all the relevant data on both patient and medication to assess these problems. They don’t have monitoring tools for the right treatment.

The Solution

A comprehensive, accurate and actionable decision support system for clinicians, to better treat and manage polypharmacy patients.

The Process

Build. Measure. Learn. The Lean UX design process was used during the project.


Due to privacy reasons - the detailed process and outcomes have been limited.

Wizard redesign

The challenge was to design this screen simply, in order for our client would provide all essential information without skipping any step and without dropping this screen.

The solution features:

An informative progress bar with information on each step, the progress bar indicates the name of the step, the percent of the current step, and which steps are coming next.

The checkbox next to each row indicates the mandatory step, the user cannot move to the next screen without complete all sections.

Before After
Before After

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